Did you know there is a treatment for dizziness/room spinning?

If you feel dizzy, off-balance, or like the room is spinning, you do not have to live with it! Many conditions that cause these sensations are treatable. The best part is, you may not require very many treatment sessions to get better.

Many people have heard of a condition called BPPV, which stands for Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo. This is a common condition where tiny crystals in your inner ear move into an area where they are not supposed to be. The result of this crystal “misplacement” is a short-lived spinning sensation, often when turning in bed, or when going from lying down to sitting up. There is a treatment to put these crystals back where they belong (and it only takes about 10 minutes!). People with BPPV typically need a maximum of 3 visits to Physiotherapy to eliminate symptoms. We will also evaluate the rest of your vestibular system to make sure you don’t have any additional problems that could be contributing to your symptoms.

Are you dizzy, but have been told you don’t have BPPV? Don’t worry! There are still many conditions that cause dizziness that can be treated with Vestibular Rehab.

What about other conditions that could make you dizzy?

In order to discuss this, we need to first discuss the vestibular system.

The “vestibular system” is the body’s balance center. It is made of tiny structures in your inner ear. This system sends information to your brain. It works alongside your vision and sense of body position (called “proprioception”) to keep you oriented in space. If there is a problem with your vestibular system, you could experience a variety of symptoms such as dizziness, vertigo (the sensation that the room is spinning), imbalance, nausea, or feeling like the environment is continuously in motion.

Did you know your brain can also make you dizzy?

During your vestibular rehab assessment, we will also evaluate some of your brain functions. This helps us determine if it is your brain or your balance center that is making you dizzy.

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