TeleRehab ~ A Web Based Care Model

  • Can’t get into the clinic often enough to maintain your care plan?

  • Needing to tend to an injury or chronic pain but not able to leave home?

  • Does work take you away for long periods & you lose all progress you’ve made by the time you get back?

Telerehab might be a great fit for you!


The COVID-19 crisis has created the need for social distancing. Implementation of our TeleRehab service is an ideal model to support ongoing therapy needs for clients. The use of video &/or telephone ensures clients are able to progress their treatment plan while unable to get hands-on treatment from their therapist. We strongly believe these services will be of value to our clients not only during this time of crisis, but that they may consider telerehabilitation as an option for their therapy needs when we resume normal operations.

People who can benefit:

Great examples of those taking advantage of TeleRehab are on Return to Work Programs, Concussion & Vestibular Rehab clients, MVA clients to keep getting direction & care, Chronic Pain clients looking for strategies, Acute Injuries needing timely direction, Sick or Elderly clients unable to travel, clients from out of town needing care but not able to get in often enough. We can even do Pelvic Health therapy.There is a lot that can be done in a Web-Based session!



Our Product:

  • History: beginning with a conversation to discuss your symptoms and identify how the injury is affecting your life and activities; our highly-trained therapists will be able to form an initial diagnosis based on the conversation and move forward with your individualized assessment
  • Assessment:  visual observation, range of motion, movement analysis, selected special tests not requiring hands-on contact and various other measurements
  • Client Education/ Consultation: discussion and collaboration using various online resources (i.e anatomy diagrams, bracing advice, sleep, education, etc.) to better help you understand your injury and treatment plan
  • Home Exercise Programming: demonstration of exercise and delivery of feedback, corrections and progressions of individualized exercises
  • Referral recommendations: physician, specialist and/or imaging referral recommendations when necessary based on your unique case
  • Treatment planning: discussion of whether further telerehabilitation sessions would be of benefit to you as well as general guidelines on prognosis for recovery and return to activity

Our Services:

Assess and Consult – Video Only 60min: Includes history, assessment as well as client education/consultation, home exercise programming, recommendations and treatment planning
Follow-Up Appointment – via Video or Phone 60min: Ongoing treatment including client education/consultation, home program progressions and recommendations
Follow-Up Appointment – via Video or Phone 30min:
Ongoing treatment including client education/consultation, home program progressions and recommendations
Phone Consult – 20min: Verbal discussion including client education/consultation for situations not needing video
Phone Consult – 10min: Verbal discussion including client education/consultation for situations not needing video

* Previously our therapists have worked hard to make themselves available during regular business hours to consult with clients via the phone and return calls within 1 business day. Our current telerehab model requires our therapists to be scheduled into our online booking system and for administrative staff to coordinate from a remote location in order to connect to your therapist. For these reasons, phone consult appointments necessitate a booked appointment & corresponding fee.

TeleRehab FAQ:

Will I get a good quality care?
Expect to receive the same safe, quality care that you would get during an in-person visit. Our therapists are expected to meet the same standard you have come to know at Collegiate Sports Medicine

What are the risks of receiving care via Telerehab?
The risks of Telerehab care relate mostly to concerns about the privacy of your personal health information and your personal safety. Our therapist is required to ensure that the location where you receive care is safe & that procedures are in place to ensure the availability of help in the event of an emergency. They have also taken all steps to ensure the privacy of your information using PIPEDA privacy compliant services for all technologies used.

Will my insurance cover telerehab services?
We have reached out to many insurance providers & most are covering this service. It is your responsibility to check with your individual policy to confirm if this is a covered service. We can provide you with research & handouts to give to your insurance company if they have questions regarding the service.
At this time, direct billing may be available depending on the clinic you attend & which insurance company you are with. Check with your clinic if you have questions.

If my therapist isn’t in the room who will help me & what types of care can be provided?
Depending on the setting and the circumstances, therapists providing consultation or treatment via telerehabilitation may not require assistance from another person or may have assistance from your family members or friends. The therapist is required to ensure that an appropriate level of support and assistance is available to address your needs and ensure your safety and that you agree to the involvement of this assistance.
Examples of services that can be provided by telerehabilitation include, but are not limited to, consultation with therapists, education and instruction, monitoring your progress with a treatment program, and supervised exercise or meetings with your care team.

What do I need in order to setup a Telerehab video appointment?

  • TeleRehab is best experienced on a computer or laptop with a webcam though a tablet or smartphone work as well
  • Good internet connection with speeds at least 15Mbps
  • A quiet space with no distractions that has enough room to move a bit if your therapist is getting you to do exercises/stretches

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