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Are you often in pain and afraid to work out, hike or be active?

Are you scheduled for surgery and feel that you cannot do anything until after the procedure?

Have you just had surgery and are worried that you shouldn’t do anything at all?  It may hurt you or cause a set
back?  Or even worse – has it been months since you had surgery and you are worried about moving the area still?

Do you have Osteoporosis or Osteopenia and worry that you will hurt yourself if you exercise?

Do you have MS and get tired if you do too much but know that you should be exercising to stay strong?

Do you suffer from Low Back Pain or Sciatica & worry that exercise will only make it worse?

Do you need to lose weight but exercise is hard to do right now because you have been inactive for too long?

Do you have Diabetes or Heart Disease or have you already had a heart attack and your doctor said you need to exercise regularly?

Do you have trouble sleeping or have Chronic Pain all the time??

Do you have high blood pressure and need to get that under control?

All of these situations require Therapeutic Exercise and we can help you with that!!

You will be amazed at what a difference it will make…

Our Physiotherapists and Athletic Therapists will work with you to offer a safe & fun approach. We have helped thousands of people to start moving or to keep moving more toward their specific goals! We will talk to your doctor to confirm any recommendations and make sure we haven’t overlooked anything.

In pain? Scheduled for surgery? Just had surgery? Months since you had surgery?

Osteoporosis or Osteopenia? MS? Low Back Pain or Sciatica? Need to lose weight?

Diabetes? Headaches? Insomnia?

Heart Disease or already had a heart attack? High blood pressure?

What is the Program?

With more and more Doctors prescribing “exercise as medicine” for all aspects of healthy aging and healthy living, many people are afraid to get started because they don’t want to hurt themselves or they simply don’t know what to do. They may even have a nagging injury or obesity holding them back.

Our Kinesiologists will work with our team of therapists and your doctor as needed. This service/program is performed similar to hiring a personal trainer. We can play a role in return to real life after Physiotherapy.

This service looks at your injury profile with the therapist and will detail what equipment YOU wish to use. The best part is we host you right inside our clinic with our team of experts.

Our team of Kinesiologists can get you back to the “strong bold you” that you remember.
Make yourself your priority and start today! We are here for you!

We are exercise & movement specialists and know that our bodies were built to move! Exercise is truly Medicine!! Let us help prescribe you some!!!

Commit to getting back to …



Have you ever been injured and got better from Physiotherapy only to feel worried about going back to work, the gym or sport and hurting yourself again??  Collegiate Sports Medicine is pleased to offer a program that will play a role in returning to your real-life activities after therapy.

Who Can Benefit?

The Program is ideal for:

  • Prehab or Post Op Prehab
  • Rehab for Osteoporosis/Osteopenia
  • Rehab for MS
  • Exercises for : Low back pain, sciatica, improving sleep, diabetes, lowering risk of heart disease, reducing chronic pain, weight loss/gain, improving quality of life

How Does it Work?

Contact Collegiate Sports Medicine,  Our Therapists will recommend a treatment plan, refer you to other professionals such as a Family Physician for imaging or other testing and/or make suggestions to see other specialized members of the Collegiate team who will enhance your return to sport/work.

Other services provided by Collegiate include:
o Massage Therapy
o IMS/Dry Needling
o Sport Neuropsychology
o Concussion Management
o FCE’s (Functional Capacity Evaluations)
o Athletic & K-Taping

Our Therapists will also work together with your Family Physician to assist with your recovery & treatment.  We offer a Discovery consult either in person or over the phone to help you decide if this is right for you.

Direct Billing is Available!

This program is not intended to delay or minimize the importance of assessment by one’s family Doctor, but in circumstances where an appointment cannot be expedited, Collegiate Sports Medicine’s Therapists are pleased to assist by identifying the injury and initiating proper treatment.

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