Frequently Asked Questions

What are the risks associated with treatment?

AT/PT: for effective assessment, structures are tested & this may create soreness. Safe but thorough testing is needed to test & identify your injury. This may make you sore for a day or two.

Massage: Everyone’s different with tolerance of depth/pressure. You might not feel it until the next day.

Will Alberta Health Care pay for my appointments?

We have opted out of having coverage because their fees are less than the provincial association recommended fee schedule & we would have to lower our standard of care accordingly. Our model has our therapists see at most 2-3 clients an hour allowing us to spend more dedicated time with our clients.

Can I bring my young children to the appointment with me?

Yes, you can bring them. For liability and safety reasons we need to ensure you are aware that your child(ren) cannot be playing on any of the therapy machines or exercise equipment. There is a chance of damage to equipment or injury to your child(ren). It is your responsibility to keep them near you during the session.

What can I expect when arriving for my appointment?

With Covid 19 Restrictions we have developed an Appointment Prep page, click here to view all the information you’ll need when arriving for your appointment.