Concussion Centre Services

Concussion Testing Is Available At Our Red Deer Main, Red Deer Campus, and Olds clinics

We have a world-class program at our Red Deer Concussion Centre for treating concussion that has occurred for anything from sport activities to motor vehicle. We use the most current research and innovation. Our program has been running & evolving over the 15 years, providing testing, education & treatment in Central Alberta. With our program we pair you with one of our over 12 skilled practitioners who have specialized concussion training to manage various concussion types. For optimal recovery we customize a treatment plan for you based on your symptoms including services such as; Athletic Therapy, Craniosacral, Massage Therapy, Vestibular Rehabilitation, Acupuncture, Vision Training, and Kinesiology. To book an appointment, or for any questions, please call our Concussion Hotline (403) 314-4458 EXT. 2

Concussion Centre Services Approach

Our Team provides assessment and direction for anyone suffering from acute or chronic concussion symptoms. Depending on your presentation of signs and symptoms, medical history, and results from diagnostic and physical tests, the Therapist or Physician will selectively guide the treatment and course of therapy.


  • Our concussion team teaches clients about their specific type of concussion from a biological approach
  • CSM programming is geared towards self –guided recovery techniques for symptom management outside of the clinic
  • We coach client on how to strategically plan days to conserve energy for recovery and improve sleep quality.


  • Our centre offers team baseline concussion testing with free educational seminars for athletes, parents and coaches
  • We have community involvement with youth, competitive, and elite sport programs to foster concussion awareness with discussion of proper body contact techniques, mouth guards, and properly fitting equipment especially helmets.
  • Clients are introduced to the importance of neck strengthening and proprioception in sport.


  • CSM hosts concussion courses to educate and apple current literature and knowledge on early concussion management
  • We guide athletes and coaches on how to identify concussion symptoms and detect an emergency for further medical evaluation.
  • Our concussion centre offers a Hotline for concerned individuals to call and discuss potential concerns and necessary follow-up.


  • CSM Concussion Consultations direct clients on what to do and what to avoid fostering recovery.
  • Our Therapists assist clients on how to monitor symptoms at and when to modify tasks.


  • Our Concussion Centre offers a multidisciplinary individualized approach to rehabilitate as dictated by our clients’ needs.
  • CSM Therapist will elect to use a variety of manual treatment techniques, modalities, and rehabilitation tools.
  • Clients will be given guidelines on return to workplace and academic settings, as well as sport specific return to play.