Baseline Concussion Testing

Concussion Testing Is Available At Our Red Deer Main, Red Deer Campus, and Olds Clinics

Baseline Concussion TestingWhat Is Baseline Concussion Testing?

Testing is used to get a “snapshot” of how individuals’ brain functions prior to or after a concussion have fully recovered. The information gathered will be used for future comparisons when evaluating for a concussion, and used as a reference to guide an athlete back to their ‘normal’ abilities. Subsequently, practitioners are able to effectively conclude the signs and symptoms and when an athlete is ready to return to play. The testing includes memory,cognitive testing, coordination, balance, eye tracking and concentration to get a full picture of the individual. There are several assessment tools that can be used for baseline testing: ImPACT Tests, Sports Concussion Assessment Tool (SCAT), King-Devick Test & several more.

Clinical/Individual Testing

Our clinical testing takes 30-45 minutes to complete and includes a comprehensive concussion history of the client prior to testing. A clinical setting allows for an in depth one on one evaluation with a full Vestibular/ocular motor screen. This testing allows us to develop concussion care.

Team/ Group Testing

Baseline Concussion Testing​Our team approach allows us to tests large teams or organizations at your practice facility. There are several sporting organizations that have mandated testing prior to the start of each season. This session includes a 30-minute Concussion Crash Course seminar for athletes, parents, and coaches to educate them on concussions, signs and symptoms, and early management.

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