Athletic Therapy

What Is Athletic Therapy?

Athletic Therapy Is For Everyone. Whether you are a weekend warrior, a homemaker, a professional hockey player or a farmer, an Athletic Therapist can help you reach your physical potential. Using various manual therapies, modalities, exercise prescription and even bracing or taping, an Athletic Therapist’s goal is to help you return to your usual activities. Whether that means playing competitive sports or walking to the mailbox and back, we can get you where you need to be.

At Collegiate Sports Medicine we will assess your injury and educate you as to the anatomy involved, provide a description of how the treatment will help, teach you a home program, and use sport specific rehabilitation.

“A Certified Athletic Therapist is an allied health professional who specializes in care and prevention of injuries of those who engage in an active lifestyle.”

What Sets Us Apart

  • Collegiate was the first private clinic in Red Deer with practicing Certified Athletic Therapists
  • Explanations:Anatomy models & pamphlets to explain what you injured & an outline of what needs to be done
  • Low client to therapist ratio
  • Individualized home program taught to you & an injury specific rehab program to help facilitate recovery & restore function
  • Hands-on therapies such as Active Release Techniques (ART®), soft tissue mobilizations, and muscle energy techniques
  • Posture & biomechanical analysis, as needed
Athletic Therapy is a Speciality Service – best known for returning athletes back to their sport after an injury, they specialize in treating acute and chronic orthopedic injuries. Our Certified Athletic Therapists will incorporate an active approach to your rehab that focuses on finding & treating the cause of your injury (not just the symptoms) as well as having you take an active approach to rehabilitating your injury. This improves the efficiency of treatment, which can benefit in faster recovery & faster return to work, life & play.
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Common Injuries Treated at Our Clinics

Athletic Therapists are effective in treating a wide range of injuries on field & in a clinic setting, below are just a few:


What You Can Expect

Each of our therapists conducts a full orthopedic assessment, client education, and treatment plan based on your needs and ability to manage the condition

Orthopedic Assessment

This involves steps to gather information about an injury and to develop a clinical impression of what the injury is. A full injury assessment will include:

Client History: The Therapist asks a series of directed questions to identify the mechanism of injury and to pinpoint what body part has been injured. Work and/or sport related questions are also included.

Visual Observation: The Therapist observes you in a standing posture to gather visual information about any defects, abnormalities, or malalignments. Gait and biomechanical evaluations are completed as required.

Physical Assessment: This is a hands-on assessment of the injured region. It involves a bilateral comparison to the uninjured side. The therapist uses specifically designed tests to determine abnormalities or pathologies in muscles, tendon, ligaments, nerves, and bones.

Client Education

Included in all our assessments, our therapists will provide you with their findings. With the use of anatomy pictures, anatomical models, and information pamphlets, your Therapist will explain what you injured &give you an outline of what needs to be done to rehabilitate the injury. If appropriate, a referral to other medical providers will be given.


Our team takes a hands-on approach to restoring, maintaining and optimizing quality of life. They use a combination of contemporary and traditional treatment options like:

Home Program

Our therapists develop an individualized, injury specific rehabilitation program for you that will:

  • Facilitate recovery from injury
  • Include stretches and exercises to help re-develop and maintain flexibility
  • Build functional strength to normalize imbalances and restore function

Our Highly Skilled Physiotherapists Can Also Get You Back To Doing The Things You Love!