Collegiate Sports Medicine knows you love to stay active whether it’s at work, play or living your life, and we always get asked the same question…

Can anyone go there for Physiotherapy? Is it just for athletes?

We do specialize in Physiotherapy & Athletic Therapy for injuries and conditions of people living an active lifestyle for sure:

We have a vast background treating conditions due to sedentary employment or congenital disorders and even spend a lot of time working with all kinds of post-operative rehab to get people back to work or life. We treat osteoarthritis, headaches, injuries from car accidents/MVA’s, flat feet, knock knees, sway back, you name it!

Our specialty is to make sure you know what is actually wrong and get a thorough assessment done to make sure your treatment plan is targeting your specific problem. We will work with your physician to communicate our findings if needed to get further investigations done. We do not want to waste your time or your money and we want to keep you doing what you love… not keep you coming back.

We will:

  • Give you a home program
  • Give you pictures of the structures we feel are injured and describe the injury to you
  • Give you an active rehab approach if your condition permits it
  • Work in a team-based approach to ensure the best-suited person is working with you
  • Use a manual treatment approach, not always painful, but treatments can be uncomfortable and are designed to make a change to the tissue and stimulate healing. We will be open to work within your specified tolerance.

If you are a farmer, Mom, Oilfield worker, teacher, or executive…

We will treat you like a professional athlete!  You will get a team-based collaborative approach to rehab and getting you better is our priority!

By Melanie Tuck, Certified Athletic Therapist (Collegiate Sports Medicine, Red Deer AB)

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