Massage Sticks

Massage sticks or rollers help with elasticity and flexibility back into the body, which can help improve range of motion, help reduce muscle soreness, and prevent extra stress and strain placed on the body that can lead to overuse injuries. Our available Massage sticks come in many shapes and sizes. The most common are usually covered in plastic, rubber, or foam “gears” or “wheels” for increased massage precision.

Some of our Common Massage Sticks:

The Stick (Massaging Spindle Roller) – the Stick is a simple but highly effective mobility tool for rolling out knots, treating muscle pain, and accelerating overall recovery. The advanced plastic spindles act like a series of miniature massage rollers working together, providing a high level of flexibility for maximum compression of the targeted muscles. The textured grip handles on both ends also enable superior leverage, resulting in a precision myofascial release and trigger point therapy solution that’s portable, affordable, and easy for anyone to use.

Shephard’s Hook – hook over your shoulder or around your side to treat hard to reach areas of the back, neck and shoulders. You can also use the to apply healing pressure to many other parts of the body such as your legs, arms, feet, chest and hips.

Spikey Ball Massage Stick is the ultimate self-massage tool – combines the specificity of a spikey massage ball by targeting certain muscle areas and trigger points, with the control and ease of penetrating areas of muscle soreness and tightness of a foam roller.

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