Priority Program Members Page

Welcome to Collegiate Sports Medicine’s Priority Program.

As a member, you have exclusive access to tips & tools to help you & your family at work, life & play.

Whether you have been dealing with a long-standing or recent injury, being proactive will help you return to work, life or play in a timely manner. We have qualified therapists who will assess your injury, provide injury education & begin a rehabilitation program. We also have a Sports Med Shop that sells sports medicine kit supplies, braces, and exercise/rehab equipment.

How Does it Work?

This is a no-cost program that will help you, your team or employees & their families receive attention and treatment for their injuries in a timely and efficient manner.

Members of a Priority Program receive:

⇒ Priority booking – call us & mention you are a priority program member to have an appointment scheduled with a Certified Athletic Therapist within 2 business days or a Physiotherapist in the soonest spot available.

(In case of a serious or life-threatening injury, immediate evaluation at a hospital emergency department is always recommended).


⇒ Access to our Priority Program Hotline to respond to your questions even when the clinic is closed (see form below).


⇒ 10% discount on retail products in our Sports Med Shop such as sport med kit supplies, athletic tape, braces, and exercise rehab equipment (excludes custom products).

Priority Access Form