Ciara Wallin

Collegiate Sports Medicine (Red Deer Main)

Ciara Wallin, PT

Ciara Wallin originally hails from Weyburn known as the heart of southeast Saskatchewan. In early 2016 she relocated to Central Alberta to complete her Physiotherapy degree at the University of Alberta. Ciara has attended NE Oklahoma A&M College and Missouri Valley College where she received her Bachelor’s in Science in Exercise Science. While completing her university degree she also competed with the varsity women’s volleyball & softball teams.

Growing up, Ciara spent most of her time playing sports and still continues to play recreationally. She has always been drawn to physiotherapy from a young age due to constant rehabilitation throughout her life and believes that it is the key reason she is able to continue competing today. Life in Red Deer keeps her close to the mountains to explore and be an adventurer. Ciara has completed the Bernard Tonks Dizziness and Vestibular Rehabilitation course, has an interest in concussion and vestibular rehab, general orthopedics and has a passion for treating athletes and sports injuries.

Ciara Wallin joined the Collegiate Red Deer Main team in February 2019 as a Physiotherapist.