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RDC Gary W. Harris Fitness Center: Collegiate Staff have access to the Red Deer College Staff membership rate of $35/month or $350/year. (rates quoted are for 2018/19)

Sole Products Discount: 50% off. For your personal use, do not share this discount code with anyone other than your immediate family.

ATB Financial: 50% off account fees when you setup your payroll deposits going into that account. $25/year into your savings account.  Priority rates on mortgage, equity loans, etc. See details from HR.

Products Discount (for products available at your clinic):
All staff, whether full or part-time, are entitled to a 20% discount on regular priced products. Staff may pay any sale/promotional price “or” receive the staff discount but may not combine two discounts.
Any special orders can be purchased at 20% markup (above cost + shipping) to cover Collegiate’s administrative costs.
Custom Knee Braces & Orthotics: for staff can be purchased at 20% markup (above cost + shipping) and they would be required to submit to insurance on their own.

Use of Exercise Equipment: Staff may use the exercise area/equipment for personal use as long as it does not impact the regular business of Collegiate or its staff.

Self-Treatment: Staff are able to perform self treatments with the modalities (laser, shockwave machines, etc.) if they have received training on proper protocols by the Clinic President or other assigned trainer. Not family members/friends, and should not in any way impact the regular business of Collegiate or its staff.

  • Clock out
  • Close the curtains/door
  • Not being paid to self-treat
  • Not taking away from modalities/beds otherwise needed by staff working with clients


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eg. ###-###-#### Cell Phone

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To abide by our security policy & procedures every person has their own username & password to log into Collegiate equipment, Collegiate Email as well as EMR software.

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