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Why ‘Collegiate’?

The word Collegiate means “of, or like a college”. If you’re “Of a college”, you’re part of a learning institution or a group of like-minded learners. If you are “Like a College” you are similar to a learning institution, which means a place to go to share or acquire knowledge.  We looked at the word to try and bring in the idea, not only of excellence but also continual learning and reaching beyond our capabilities for the benefit of you, our client. We want to ensure that when you come into the clinic that you are educated about your injury to allow you to wrap your head around why you have to be out of your sport, or out of your job or profession while you’re getting better.

We love that as we teach you, that we too are being challenged or pushed by you to do our very best because of your need & desire to get back at it. That’s what drives us; working together in a collaborative sense to do the very best we can for not only our clients and our community but also ourselves as learning individuals. This philosophy can be seen in our logo where the person is reaching beyond or past the grid which represents a goal or challenge.

Our vision is to be the very best sports medicine clinic, dedicated to achieving positive results every time—through an interdisciplinary, caring, professional approach. We continue to learn every day to allow you to achieve your goals. By collaborating with you, our client, we act as your advocate to navigate the health care system.