Tom Altheim

Registered Massage Therapist
Collegiate Sports Medicine (Red Deer Main)

Tom Altheim, RMT

Tom joined the Collegiate team in 2004 while we residing in our first Red Deer location. His enthusiasm and good nature coupled with his ability to make clients feel welcome continually keeps them returning to the clinic. He completed his 2-year massage therapy program through the Northern Institute of Massage Therapy in Clyde, Alberta. He took his expertise and opened his own clinic in 1997 in Drayton Valley, Alberta. Knowing he had more he wanted to explore he transitioned in 2001, he began doing contract massage therapy in a staff ergonomic program at a sawmill in Drayton Valley. Tom then took his skill set and spent almost fifteen years as an EMT for the ambulance service in Drayton Valley.

Tom has developed a keen interest in massage therapy for sports injuries as well as repetitive strain injuries. A highlight of his career was volunteering at the World Games IAAF in Edmonton in 2001 allowing him to offer massage on three medalists; two athletes from Africa and one from the Bahamas!

He has continued to add to his tool kit in massage therapy adding courses in myofascial release, craniosacral and taping for dysfunction. His passion to share this with his clients continues to help them out of pain and moving more fluidly.

In his spare time when he is not in the clinic treating he enjoys spending time in the outdoors camping with his wife and two sons.

Tom joined Collegiate Red Deer Main as a Massage Therapist in March 2004.