Diane Dleikan

Certified Athletic Therapist
Collegiate Sports Medicine (Red Deer Campus)

Diane Dleikan, CAT(C)

BScKin, CAT(C), MSc Neuroscience, PhD

From Red Deer, Diane specializes in prevention, management, & treatment of concussion but also has great manual skills to treat all musculoskeletal injuries.

She received her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology
degree from the University of Alberta, and completed her Athletic Therapy from Mount Royal
University in Calgary. Diane also completed a Master of Science in Neuroscience with a
specialization in concussion pathophysiology from the University of Calgary.

She has completed several courses and workshops on concussion management to use in
her clinical practice. Diane shares her passion for concussions by educating and providing
customized treatment plans for each injury.

Diane also utilizes her manual skills as a practitioner for all musculoskeletal injuries. She uses
muscle energy and other manual techniques to provide optimal care and recovery for her

In her free time, Diane loves watching sports. Her favorite athlete of all-time is Kobe Bryant.
When she is not watching professional sport, she loves to play soccer. Diane’s passion for being
an athletic therapist stems from the desire to help people return to pre-injury status as quickly
as possible and enjoy everything their world has to offer!

Diane joined the Collegiate Red Deer Campus team as an Athletic Therapist in October 2018.