Danielle Buhr

Registered Massage Therapist
Collegiate Sports Medicine (RD Campus)

Danielle Buhr rmt

With Danielle you will experience caring, individualized treatment rooted in genuinely helping you feel better. Through assessment, health history, and goal setting, Danielle works with her clients on a treatment schedule to bring meaningful change in their pain experience. With a keen interest in health and fitness, she provides tailored exercises that help improve treatment efficacy and longevity.

Danielle is communicative, and willing to work with you on your pressure and treatment style preferences. She mainly uses firm and specific pressure. But also enjoys using relaxation techniques to nourish the busy human nervous system, and make your massage a truly enjoyable experience.

Danielle found her way into massage therapy in 2017. After growing up in Red Deer, she began her post-secondary education at Alberta College of Massage Therapy. She completed her 2200 hour diploma with honours, and is excited to share her education with the community.

With a family background in medicine, Danielle holds a keen interest in human anatomy, physiology and the dysfunctions that will often occur over a lifetime. As an athlete who enjoys practicing high-impact sports such as rugby and Muay Thai, she holds a deep understanding of pain, injury and recovery having been through the process many times.

Danielle joined Collegiate as a Massage Therapist in June 2021. She is currently at our Red Deer Campus location.