It’s easy to get caught up in all the December festivities and forget about the most important thing in your life: YOU!

As the New Year is right around the corner, we start hearing about new years resolutions. But what does it even mean? Putting some thought into small changes you’d like to achieve is never a bad idea as long as they are attainable and reasonable. Goal setting is a powerful tool to use whether it’s for business, sports, fitness, dietary changes or lifestyle habits. Goals are great for long term vision and short term motivation. It is however important to make SMART goals.





Time (duration and deadline)

Writing down your goals is also another way to help with achieving the desired results. Making smaller short term goals within a long term goal is great as you can check off the smaller goals once accomplished. It is also a great way to visually see the progress that is being made.

Here are some tips to remember while making goals:

1. Use positive statements in goal wording

2. Set performance goals, not outcome goals – ex: Run 5km without stopping vs lose 10lbs

3. Make priorities within goals

4. Be precise – use dates, times, or amounts as a way to measure changes

5. Set realistic goals

6. Enjoy the success you do achieve

It’s also important to remember that goals can be changed or altered depending on whether it’s too easy to achieve or is proving to be more difficult than originally thought. Getting rid of a goal is generally not recommended but thinking of other ways to achieve it is a great way to see if other skills or knowledge can be learned in order to gain success. Having a support system is a wonderful way to have people help with the hiccups along the way, to ask questions to, and to help celebrate when goals are achieved. Surrounding yourself with people with similar goals (or a little healthy competition) keeps the drive alive!

So whether you want small or big changes in the New Year, it is possible if you take the proper steps and prepare in advance!