SmartSling Shoulder Immobilizer

The Ossur SmartSling was designed to fulfill three fundamental objectives: versatility, comfort, and ease of application. Smartsling’s dynamic 3-in-1 design provides immobilization, abduction, and/or external rotation.

  • Thermal-molded foam padding, SoftEdge™ strapping, a breathable mesh base material and a gussetted, chamois-covered neck pad combine to increase patient comfort
  • Quick-release buckles and trimmable, “no fray” strapping allow quick and customized fitting. Versatile. Comfortable. Easy. SmartSling
  • Can be used for right or left arm
  • Included underarm pillow helps distribute weight over a larger surface area and decreases pressure on the ulnar nerve
  • Mesh base material is skin friendly and breathable
  • Thermal-molded foam padding provides more support than fabric and eliminates uncomfortable bottom seam
  • Low-profile, streamlined fit and contemporary, sporty look improve patient comfort and compliance
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