Ryno Lacer Short Wrist & Thumb Support

The MedSpec Ryno Lacer Short wrist brace is one brace to accommodate many different injuries to the regions. The Ryno Lacer provides superior immobilization of the CMC and MP joints of the thumb, yet it permits limited motion of the IP joint to allow for contact with the opposing fingers. It offers easy “one hand application” styling in a 6″ length design.

  • The product features a single lacer style closure strap for tightening around your wrist.  
  • Stays on the radial thumb side along with palmar (palm side) and dorsal (top of wrist) stays are made out of aluminum and can all be molded for customized support.  
  • The perforated fabric features a polypropylene felt OSSer liner that wicks perspiration away from your skin for greater comfort throughout the day. 
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