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PediSoft® foot products protect all foot parts exposed to pressure and rubbing: ball, sole and the area between the toes.

Silicone Ring: is made of soft elastic silicone and can be easily put onto fingers or toes. Especially great for hammer toes.

Toe Spreader: separates dislocated and closely positioned big and small toes. It protects against sore rubbing, skin irritation & corns.

Forefoot Cushion: Reduces pressure & supports foot arch, especially for the heavy loaded forefoot when wearing high-heeled shoes

Bunion Shield: cares for immediate and long term pain relief from bunion problems. The soft material adjusts optimally to the contour of the bunion without slipping & protects against further pressure.

The silicone material offers decisive advantages:

It is soft and smooth just like the own skin and comfortable to wear.

Thanks to the memory effect it adjusts itself optimally to the contour of each part of the foot without slipping,
and returns to its original shape immediately again after wearing.

After use it is washable with soap and can be disinfected if required, and therefore is more hygienic than other materials.

It is long-lasting, wear-resistant and designed for multiple use.

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