Chronic Pain Exercise Rehab Group Sessions

Suffering from lingering low back, hip or neck pain that just does not want to let off? Whether that pain is debilitating or a small nuisance, this is the program for you.

  • Sign up for a 4-stage program to manage your pain
  • Group setting with other individuals living with chronic pain
  • Program will focus on:
    • Coping techniques
    • Range of motion exercises to increase functioning for everyday tasks
    • Stretching to help alleviate muscle tension & pain
    • Strengthening to increase joint stability, decrease pain & decrease the likelihood for a similar injury in the future
    • Future plans to help you deal with your pain

The goal of the program is for you to become capable of managing your chronic pain. This is achieved through stretching, range of motion exercises, and strengthening. We will show you safe activities to perform at home as well as provide information for many coping strategies and future steps to seek out after the 4 sessions are completed.

Small Group Sessions
We are offering two separate small group classes for chronic pain management. Each group will have 4-6 people to help keep the classes more personal and closer to a one on one setting.
4 sessions per series—repeating monthly to gain a progressive knowledge base and exercise program for home.
Classes will be led by a Kinesiologist and run for 60min.

  • Chronic Neck Pain Group
  • Chronic Low Back Pain Group

Client Education
During each session there will always be the chance for open discussion for situations in life that are your biggest irritants. We will go over how to change things in your every day activities to help relieve pain & improve function. Questions during the session are always encouraged so you understand why movement and exercises can be so important.

What to Bring
To help make these classes a success we ask that you come prepared and bring the following:

  • Water Bottle
  • Socks (as shoes will be removed at the front)
  • Comfortable clothes – easy to move in
  • Questions! If you have any questions please ask away during the session
  • Positive attitude (it really helps)


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