Air Walker Boot

Available in Tall & Short, the Air Walker Boots is designed to aid in stabilizing the injured or post-operative ankle, the Full Shell Pneumatic Walker Boot is excellent for stable foot and ankle fractures,  Achilles Tendon injuries or repairs,  acute sprains,  and Grade 2 or 3 soft tissue injuries.

All-Around Protection
In addition to the features of the standard Vantage Walker Boots, the Full Shell Pneumatic Walker Boot features a semi-rigid shell for additional protection.

Integrated Pump System
Easily adjust a set of inflatable air chambers allowing for greater accommodation of soft tissue change associated with rehab.

Excellent Compliance
The 9010 combines a low-profile design with strength and durability.  A “CAM Roller” (Controlled Ankle Motion) foot plate allows for a comfortable and natural gait, with a wide base for stability in use.

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