Laurie Young

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist

Laurie sees each person as an individual with specific needs.  One size fits all healthcare is no longer adequate. A shift in paradigm is necessary to build healthy communities.  She believes the future of health and healing is in remembering that we are a whole body of integrated systems woven together in a beautiful intricate design.  To experience deep and profound healing we need to be treated as a whole, not as a conglomeration of parts operating independently of each other. Pain, illness and injury are invitations and opportunities for change and transformation that our souls seek.  Laurie’s dream and passion is to be the catalyst and support for that change. Laurie believes healing is not a destination or a goal, it is a journey.

Born and raised in Red Deer, Laurie received an RN diploma from RDC & has been nursing for 36 years, most recently in the cardiac unit. In 1993 she suffered a back injury while pregnant with her second child.  That injury sparked an interest in more holistic methods of healing.  The spark quickly erupted into a full-blown insatiable exploration into holistic health.  From Pranic Healing to holistic nursing she took many courses and read multitudes of books.  Life came full circle when introduced to biodynamic craniosacral in 2013.  BCST was a perfect balance of science, anatomy, physiology that incorporated the subtleties of energy and spirit.  She has continued with advanced training in pain and trauma, Spine and nerve, Moms and babies, & biodynamics of heart and blood.

Laurie joined Collegiate at our Red Deer Downtown location as a Craniosacral Therapist in October 2021.

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Cranio Therapy

Cranio Therapy