“Bad News, the Doc says it’s bone on bone…”

Have you been told you should quit running because of hip or knee osteoarthritis (OA)? That it’s bone on bone. All that running has caused too much wear and tear?

Well, these aren’t very optimistic sentiments, are they? So is this an accurate depiction of the future for runners who develop knee osteoarthritis? My guest today doesn’t think so. In fact, he’s so sure that we health professionals are giving the wrong message to runners with hip and knee osteoarthritis that he has created a program dedicated to providing a more optimistic outlook for OA. The program is called OA Optimism and Dr. Lehman joins me on the show today to discuss why runners with hip and knee osteoarthritis have good reason to be optimistic.

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Dr. Greg Lehman is a Physiotherapist, Chiropractor and Strength & Conditioning Specialist. He is a thought leader in the rehabilitation world, famous for his efforts to reconcile the biomechanical and pain science research. Dr. Lehman has taught his two-day course, Reconciling Biomechanics with Pain Science, to health and fitness professionals all over the world. Dr. Lehman is also a renowned Keynote Speaker and I recently had the pleasure to attend his address at the Third World Congress of Sports Physical Therapy in Vancouver. As well as being intellectually challenging, it was also quite hilarious, as Dr. Lehman is also known for his somewhat edgy sense of humor.

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Discussed in this episode:

  • Running Injuries – Are we focusing on the wrong things?
  • Knee Arthritis – Should I quit Running?
  • Do we have reason to be optimistic?
  • Knee Arthritis in Runners – Building a case for resiliency
  • What if you had major knee trauma in the past?
  • Do you need a bigger “cup”?


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Matthew Boyd Physiotherapist

Matthew Boyd is a Physiotherapist and Running Injury Expert

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Osteoarthritis Optimism for Runners | E19 with Dr. Greg Lehman, Chiropractor, Physiotherapist